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If you don't see a particular jewelry item, just email us and we can certainly obtain what you are looking for.

Our Story.  Our Vision.

Diane Faye Jewelry was brought about by decades of tireless work in the jewelry industry and our experience has resulted in the luxurious, but affordable, Diane Faye Collection.  We bring this collection to you in the hopes that your memories will truly be special and this collection will make you look and feel sensational.


Diane Faye has spent years putting together our collection to ensure that we have the most beautiful pieces available anywhere in the world. New pieces are being added regularly and Diane Faye takes great pride in showcasing this truly beautiful collection.


Our vision is to offer you the finest quality jewelry at the most affordable prices.  Diane Faye sees no reason to pay higher prices for the same or even inferior quality.  We take great pride in bringing you superior-made jewelry for any event that will last a lifetime.  Diane Faye Jewelry and Designer Wear Jewelry have partnered to create this truly special collection.

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